Who We Are

Mission and Vision

Mission: Compassion House Foundation supports women who must leave their homes for cancer care.

Vision: Compassion House Foundation strives to ease the distress of the cancer journey for women.

Values: Compassion, Community, Respect, Sustainability, Understanding, Excellence

At Compassion House Foundation, we have a vision to create a sanctuary of healing support. We make it our mission to support women fighting cancer by providing safe, comfortable and affordable accommodations during their cancer journey and delivering much needed programs and services post-treatment.


In 1996, the first Fashion with Compassion hits the runway to raise funds for breast cancer. The event later becomes the catalyst to build Sorrentino’s Compassion House. Community leaders found Compassion House Foundation in 1998 and incorporate as a non-profit society in 1999 with the mission to give sanctuary to breast cancer patients.

In 2001, the Foundation launches the Key to Compassion Campaign to raise funds for the original house, and construction begins until 2002. The original house opens with five guest suites. The house is named Sorrentino’s Compassion House in recognition of the leadership support of the Rago and Saccomanno families and their Sorrentino’s group of companies.

The Foundation launches a new capital campaign, Growing Compassion, to support a much-needed expansion in 2010. The campaign raises an amazing $5 million in two years. In 2012, construction begins to increase capacity to 15 suites, expand the kitchen, renovate common areas and install an elevator. The beautifully redesigned Sorrentino’s Compassion House reopens to guests, including women fighting any type of cancer, in 2013.

In 2015, the Foundation launches the Beyond our Four Walls Campaign to keep former guests connected by broadening our reach and expanding opportunities for guests. Today, the Foundation operates 16 suites at Sorrentino’s Compassion House, as well as offer post-treatment programs and services.

Our Staff

It takes hands; it takes hearts.

Jacqueline (Jackie) Foord

Executive Director

Jackie oversees Compassion House Foundation and Sorrentino's Compassion House.

Kerry Mahood

Chief Operations and Financial Officer

Kerry manages the financial aspects of Compassion House Foundation, as well as the operations of Sorrentino’s Compassion House.

Sayler Reins

House and Guest Services Manager

Sayler supervises the House and Guest Services team to support our guests during their stay and ensures the House is well maintained.

Andrew Gregory

Fund Development Director

Andrew is responsible for all sponsorships and major gifts for Compassion House Foundation.

Linda Miller

Fund Development Manager

Linda is responsible for all annual giving, grants, third party and special events for Compassion House Foundation.

Claudia Umana


Claudia is responsible for the care, cleaning, and safety of every square inch of Sorrentino’s Compassion House.

Our Board

First, a strong foundation.

Jennifer Kluthe

Founder + Chief Designer, OPENWORK

Jennifer Kluthe has over 20 years of experience with not-for-profit and corporate Boards focused on serving women and healthy families. Her commitment to Compassion House Foundation comes from a strong belief in giving back to the community and endeavouring to empower women through their physical and mental health. Cancer is one of our biggest challenges and she is passionate about Compassion House’s mission and how we can ease the distress of the cancer journey.

Michael Chwelos

General Manager of Pipelines, Suncor

Like many other people, my life has been touched by cancer through friends, family and colleagues. It's easy for myself to see the value Compassion House Foundation brings. I spent the last fourteen years living in Fort McMurray, a community whose residents have utilized support from the Foundation. I appreciate the need and believe I can help to continue the great work and support this organization provides.

Regan Solbak

Vice President, Finance, Keller Construction Ltd.

Regan Solbak is a CPA with over 15 years serving not-for-profit boards in an audit capacity. Originally from a rural Alberta community, she has witnessed first-hand the difficulties cancer patients face in accessing support when undergoing treatment. Regan looks forward to using her financial background as a way to help CHF support women on their own cancer journeys.

Greg Mittlesteadt

Executive + Advisor + Board Member

Greg Mittelsteadt is a highly engaged professional, drawing on over 25 years of experience in both international and domestic businesses. Experiences that have given him a strong sense of strategy with a focus on people and culture enabling an organization to fulfill its stated purpose. The purpose of the Compassion House Foundation is one that resonates with many, and Greg is no different; he has seen the impact of the cancer journey on individuals and their loved ones and looks to serve the organization and the communities it operates in as it seeks to execute on its mandate.

Sundas Shamshad

Interim Executive Director, Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta

As a cancer survivor and member of a rural community, I had to experience the limitations and difficulties of treatment, along with the financial, emotional and physical impact of the cancer journey. As a former guest at Sorrentino’s Compassion House, I know how essential the services provided by Compassion House Foundation are. Running a cancer support group in a rural community reinforces my belief of the valuable work Compassion House Foundation provides by not only helping women find a safe place, but also resources to tackle the challenges of the cancer journey. I am excited and humbled to join as a board member. Because of my connection to a cancer support group in a rural community, I bring the ground-level perspective and will be a voice for women who are benefiting from the provided services and resources.

Lynette Tremblay

Founder, Iconoclast Solutions

As an executive leader, Lynette questions and challenges the status quo, believing there is always a better way of doing something if we are willing to be open, foster creativity, and encourage innovation. She has helped build organizations, brands, and ecosystems across three provinces and internationally. Now, as Founder of Iconoclast Solutions, Co-Founder of Stay Spicy Inc, and Co-Host of the Demythifying Brand Podcast, Lynette is leveraging her experience to help CEOs grow their companies, communities grow their economies, and leaders build their brands. Lynette is also passionate about empowering women and newcomers serving as a mentor for the Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council, and board member for Alberta Women Entrepreneurs, Compassion House Foundation, and advisor for Society 5.0.

Cameron Rutten

Entrepreneur + Dedicated Edmontonian

Cameron Rutten is a dedicated entrepreneur and Edmontonian with a passion for community service and financial empowerment. With a background in client servicing across various industries, Rutten has honed his skills in building relationships and fostering trust. Cam played a pivotal role in the early days of Compassion House, spearheading initiatives such as Dash’n for Compassion and Cup of Compassion in collaboration with Second Cup. His involvement with Compassion House has come full circle as he now serves as a board member. In this role, Cam aims to leverage his expertise in financial management and his dedication to Edmonton to further the mission of Compassion House. Cam's commitment to the healing and treatment component for Albertans facing cancer reflects his deep-seated belief in the power of community support. Through his endeavours, Cam seeks to grow and share the vital services provided by Compassion House, ensuring that it remains a beacon of hope for those in need.

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