Here’s where your story meets ours.

Cancer is a struggle in so many ways—emotionally, mentally, physically, financially. By donating, you help ease some of these challenges. In the house, women often find comfort, camaraderie and inner strength during a time they need it more than ever. Be part of that journey: support in a way that suits you.

Ways to Give

Unexpected kindness—it’s one of the most powerful tools we have. Supporting a woman battling cancer can be quite literally life-changing. Here’s how you can give.

Become a Monthly Donor

A monthly gift provides a steady source of funding for the Compassion House Foundation, so we can more easily forecast much-needed initiatives over the year. Your consistent generosity gives us an advantage of planning, putting money into the house costs, as well as for the support systems we have in place for women once they go back home.

Make a One-Time Donation

No matter how big or small, your one-time gift is directly channeled into supporting the women we serve. The form is simple and secure, and if you donate $25 or more, you’ll receive a tax receipt.

Donate In-Kind

Sometimes, the best way for a business to give back is by providing its products or services.

If you are interested in making a donation, please review our immediate needs:

– New desk chairs for guest suites
– Commercial ice machine
– Fireplace
– Pots and pans
– Entryway bench
– Tallboy toilet bowls

Shop for A Cause

For several years now, we have been thrilled and honoured to offer Compassion House Foundation merchandise. Each item has been thoughtfully crafted by our stand-up retail partners, and the best part is that you’re supporting a unique yet essential cause with every purchase. Wear our wares – you’ll be supporting many Albertan women battling cancer when you do.

Stock the Pantry

A house becomes a home when it has a pantry stocked with care. You can help us fulfill that mission by donating specific grocery items, all for the women who stay with us. We accept most dry goods and packaged items, but for our specific needs at the moment, please call or email.

Support a Stay

Sorrentino’s Compassion House is more than just a house. It is a haven for women who must leave their homes and communities for cancer care.

With Support a Stay you can ease the stress of the cancer journey, helping women concentrate on what is most important – their healing, and getting back to a life they deserve.

Ways to Help

While monetary assistance certainly makes our mission much more possible, it truly is the gift of time that we, and the women we help, remember.

Depending on what works with your schedule and your comfort level of commitment, there are multiple ways for you to volunteer your time and effort.

The outside of Edmonton's Compassion House

Host a Fundraiser

Consider having fun with friends while raising funds to support Compassion House Foundation. Hosting a fundraiser is a memorable way to do some good, and we are right here to help. From budgets to themes to setting up giving opportunities, we can offer guidance for your special fundraising event.

The inside of Edmonton's Compassion House


Our volunteers help us better serve women battling cancer. By helping around Sorrentino’s Compassion House or helping execute our fundraising events, their commitment makes a world of difference.

An older woman's hands around a mug

Spread the Word

Advocate for a home away from home for women battling cancer. Invite us to do a presentation, or book a meeting to find out more.

Our Supporters

The Ones Who Let Compassion Lead.

The Foundation, the house, the home - none of it would exist without the commitment of our supporters. They took an idea and made it real. And now, that commitment has made a positive impact on so many women who have battled cancer. See who has made all the difference to the women we serve.

Support Women Battling Cancer

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