Post-Treatment Care


CompassionConnects uses technology to connect with women post-cancer treatment to reduce isolation, increase overall wellness, and support mental health. It features a resource directory, blog posts, and publications from health professionals —allowing women to connect with our community and access a multitude of resources from the comfort of their own home.

Inspiring Speakers Series

Our Inspiring Speakers Series is about starting important conversations on the impact cancer has on the mental health and emotional well-being of patients, families, and caregivers. Sessions feature former guests who share their stories, alongside health professionals who speak on a related topic. Together, we’ll learn what it’s truly like to go through cancer and how to better support yourself and others.

We Can Workshop

The treatment ends, the women go back home and…life is back to normal? That’s not always the case, and is exactly why we’ve designed one-day workshops open to women who have experienced cancer and their support team (family, friends, co-workers). Participants learn about the tools that allow them to take charge and start thriving—not just surviving—in the post-cancer treatment journey.

Compassion Network

The Compassion Network helps connect women within communities across Central and Northern Alberta with tools and resources to better navigate the cancer journey. Ambassadors within the network are our voice in the community – representing us at community events, hosting fundraisers, facilitating support groups, and acting as a resource for those recently diagnosed.

Support Women Battling Cancer

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