Managing Anxiety and Distress for Cancer Survivors

Managing Anxiety and Distress for Cancer Survivors


The fight against cancer involves so much more than medical treatment alone. Cancer takes its toll mentally and emotionally. This session will empower you with effective tools and insight to managing mental health through the cancer journey as a patient, survivor, or loved one.

Event: Inspiring Speakers Series

Date: December 15, 2020

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Resources: Slides by Kim Hamilton

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to watch this session. It is especially relevant for: current/former guests of Sorrentino’s Compassion House; cancer patients/survivors;  family, friends, and caregivers of cancer patients/survivors; and medical professionals/students. 

About our Inspiring Speakers

Kimberly Hamilton, Registered Provisional Psychologist & Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®

Kimberly’s first career was as a teacher. After teaching in Edmonton for five years, Kim moved to Mexico, where she taught in Puerto Vallarta for nine years. She moved back to Edmonton in 2014, and completed her Master of Counselling Degree. She’s currently a school counsellor in an Edmonton junior high school, and a Registered Provisional Psychologist at the Grief and Trauma Healing Centre.

In addition, Kim has always had a special interest in how the body holds and relays information. She is a certified yoga teacher, Level 3 Reiki practitioner, and has recently begun a three-year training program in Somatic Experience therapy. Kim believes strongly in the mind-body connection and incorporates these interests into her counselling practice.

Sundas Shamshad, Former Guest of Sorrentino’s Compassion House


Sundas Shamshad was diagnosed with breast Cancer HER2 positive on Oct 10, 2017. She went through 3 surgeries, 6 rounds of chemotherapy, and 17 rounds of Herceptin. She lives in a small but mighty city, Fort McMurray. She has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Toronto. She works for the Government of Alberta and is active in her community, volunteering whenever she can.

One of her most cherished accomplishments is setting up a local support group for cancer patients and survivors in her city named Sisters in Cancer YMM. This project is very close to her heart, as she was involved in every step of development, promotion, and hosting.

Location: Zoom Video Conference (Recorded)
Date: December 15, 2020
Duration: 1 Day

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