Twice the Reason to Celebrate

Mellissa Kraft

If you’ve driven by Sorrentino’s Compassion House lately you will see that our vision has been fulfilled. We did it. We expanded our house dramatically, from six rooms to 14 and increased our guest space to offer even more services. Now even more women can find affordable accommodations and compassionate support while in our city for breast cancer treatment.

Added to this excitement is our new visual identity.

The goal was to develop a visual identity for Compassion House Foundation and Sorrentino’s Compassion House that elevates and strengthens the brand for the communities it serves, the women it touches and the contributors who make it all possible.

The symbol in our new logo is an amulet— a symbol of strength and protection. The amulet’s interlocking lines visually convey comfort and security, and the center space forms the shape of a house. The colour system captures the warm and inviting nature of Compassion House Foundation and Sorrentino’s Compassion House.

It is an exciting time and we hope you enjoy our new look and brand as much as we do!