Happy 1st and 12th

Mellissa Kraft

Twelve years ago Sorrentino's Compassion House opened its doors to women traveling to Edmonton for breast cancer treatment. One year ago today we opened the doors to the renovated and expanded Sorrentino’s Compassion House. Like our founding members, we took a leap of faith by more than doubling the capacity of the original house.

Tonight, September 9, 2014 all 14 guest suites are full and friendships are being formed over mugs of coffee. More than 120 women have stayed at the house over the past year and since we opened in 2002, there have been over 1000 stays.

The last year has been amazing. We opened with very little furniture and completely white walls. We hired new staff, developed policies and implemented programs. We rebranded and launched a new website. The board of directors affirmed the vision and mission of Compassion House Foundation and set the direction for the future. We reconnected with former guests at our annual retreat in April and have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful women and their families.

We held our grand opening in May to thank the many people, businesses and groups who helped our dream become a reality.

Together we created a haven for women at a difficult time.

The following poem was written at the community open house.


compassion is that which asks nothing and offers all.

com – with, together

passion – definition of heart fire

they built a bonfire once everybody freezing out the dark clustering close for the sake of staying warm.

it burned all night everyone made it through

i shared my bread with a child of god and he shared his wide smiling eyes

a gift of grace in uncertain times.

c.m. matty