Devon Energy Investing in People

Anika Gee, Volunteer & Program Coordinator

Each year Devon Energy offers grants to nonprofit organizations across Alberta to help build organizational capacity. We were grateful to receive a grant to support volunteer development. 
Our vision was to host professionally facilitated volunteer development sessions as a way to build interpersonal skills in their roles but also in other parts of their lives. With the grant we hired Pat Casey Jurgens of Casey’s Wellness to offer a two-part session introducing volunteers to the Enneagram personality assessment and relating it to helping roles.
The Enneagram is a tool also used by staff of the foundation to understand our tendencies, strengths and opportunities. By increasing self-awareness and knowledge of personality types, volunteers will have be able relate better to the guests they work with.
The workshop brought all of our volunteers together to learn skills that would help themselves and the guests they help during their shifts.  What is more important is that our volunteers left understanding that we value them and want their experience at Sorrentino’s Compassion House to be a rewarding part of their lives.