celebrating our volunteers

Anika Gee, Volunteer & Program Coordinator

In February we will celebrate one year of our house volunteer program! 
We are fortunate to have a dozen outstanding house volunteers who have contributed over a thousand hours collectively in the past year. Additionally, more than one hundred volunteers donated time to ensure our fundraising events were successful and a handful of corporate teams provided guest meals and house support.
Numbers are great to report how many hours or people volunteered, but they don't showcase the impact made by the individuals. For example, a guest’s comment on the house volunteers, “The volunteers are so thoughtful and truly caring. They made me feel like I was going to make it.” That is the impact made by our volunteers.
Volunteers visit with guests and host a variety of activities to create an environment of togetherness and positivity for guests. House volunteers at Sorrentino’s Compassion House also support administrative and housekeeping needs. 
Over the last year we have developed a strong program schedule including: yoga, meditation, nutrition, reiki, and personal training. As one guest said about our program leaders, “They love to provide their passion to this house to “give back”. I admire them and hope that I can decide what my passion is and do the same sometime.”
Thank you all our volunteers, you have made an immeasurable difference!
If you are interested in ongoing, event or group volunteer opportunities please contact Anika anika@compassionhouse.org