board member recruitment

Mellissa Kraft, Executive Director

The Compassion House Foundation Board of Directors is accepting applications for new members to join the board in June 2018.
The Board is responsible for long-term strategic planning and direction and defines the vision, mission, values, operating principles, and parameters within which the Executive Director manages operations.
Major Duties of the Board
1. Oversee the development and approval of the strategic plan
2. Approves annual budget
3. Safeguards Compassion House Foundation’s vision, mission and values
4. Governs the Foundation through board policies
5. Accounts to the public and funders,
6. Selects and supports Executive Director; reviews and evaluates performance;
7. Ensures proper management of the Foundation’s resources;
8. Regularly reviews the Foundation’s services to ensure that they are consistent with the purpose and that its programs are effective and relevant to community needs;
9. Represents the Foundation to the community.
• Minimum of a three-year commitment (one term) with the opportunity to renew for a second term; an additional three years
• Board meets quarterly (March, June, September and December) the third Wednesday of the month from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM
• Member of at least one standing or ad hoc committee work; minimum of an additional meeting per quarter (Audit & Risk and Governance Committees)
• Annual planning day
Ideal Profile
Specific skill sets related to;

  • Information Technology Systems
  • Legal
  • Investment Management
  • Large Business
  • Communications
  • Fund Development

Individuals interested please submit resume to Bill Hnydyk, Vice Chair